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It’s all about blossoming into the best version of you, the most feminine way possible. 

At Feminicity, we’re on a mission to support and celebrate women as they explore the playful and powerful world of dance. Our motto is simple: 

Have fun. Get fit. Be feminine.

When a woman allows herself to express and play through the art of dance, she awakens a part of her soul and sensuality that’s been dormant for too long.

Whether you struggle with body image issues, stopped dancing because of an old injury, lost your feminine essence in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you CAN rediscover the playfulness, passion, and power of dance by simply saying YES.

We invite you to say yes to yourself and dance with us ! We offer all levels of dance including

• Belly Dance • Burlesque • Ballroom for Couples • Ladies Latin Dance •

Classes + Schedule

Belly Dance


Belly Dance is women’s art. It is truly an expression of feminine, joy, creativity, wisdom, and strength. Not to mention, it’s fun! 

Belly Dance is a great way to get fit, tone up, and move your body. Belly dance is low-impact, with movements varying from fast and aerobic to slow and sustained. It’s a great exercise, and it also develops body awareness, grace, and healthy posture.
You’ll feel more confident. Through Belly Dance, you’ll fall in love with your body, explore how it moves, and rediscover it in a whole new way. It’s time to redefine what beauty is according to YOU, and replace negative self-talk and comparisons with self-love and positive encouragement. Then we can finally get on with being fully vibrant, unique, beautiful expressions of women in the world!​


Ballroom + Latin Classes


Learn to dance for weddings, cruises, and events. Ballroom dance is an essential skill to learn to feel comfortable on any dance floor. 

Ballroom & Latin dance is a great activity to do with your partner to connect and feel in sync! 

 We teach all forms of traditional couples & group dance from Ballroom to Swing, Waltz, Latin to Line Dance.​


Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, and Jive. Exotic, hot, sexy and sensual are words that are often used to describe these dances.
In Ladies Latin Dance you will learn how to improve your posture and your lines. Learn how to use those beautiful arms, hips, and feet to look better on and off the dance floor, but most importantly increase your CONFIDENCE.

“As a Belly Dancer, Joany has an incredible awareness of body isolations and rhythms, and that’s what makes her a good Latin Dancer”.

– Percell St.Thomass founder of DanceKinesis- The Missing Dimension in Ballroom & Latin Dance SM

Want to learn to dance at home? 

Download or stream fun, instructional dance videos including breakdowns and choreographies, drills and full recordings of previous live classes. 


 Weight Loss & Self Discovery Story

Joany Gauvreau Founder of Feminicity & Dance Teacher

I was overweight, depressed, broke, had a office job that I absolutely hated, was a single mom, and no matter what I tried I just could not get a grip of my life. Then one day I discovered the most unorthodox solution to all my problems….
I discovered a book on Belly Dancing, yes, a book on Belly dancing changed my life and what I’m about to share may do the same for you too!
Once I started reading the benefits of Belly Dancing, I got more and more interested in learning it. I found time in the early mornings at home to watch Belly Dance DVDs to do it before heading off for work. I realized quickly that the benefits I’d only read about were starting to take effect in my mind, body and soul.
Something amazing happened in the next few months. I started feeling better in my skin, and even though I wasn’t at my dream weight yet, I started feeling beautiful and worthy. The movements of this feminine dance made me feel connected to myself and connected as a woman.
Soon, my life began to change. Opportunities started showing up. I was becoming a strong independent woman who didn’t need a man to make me happy. I relished being a role model for my daughter, and most of all, I felt like I was finally on the right path to happiness.
Yes, I lost over 70lbs dancing my butt off (literally)! Yes, I was
becoming thin. But the weight loss was not all that made me happy. It was the sense of femininity that pulsed through me when I Belly Danced. It was the sense of accomplishment I felt when I committed to doing it every day and it was the overall spiritual connection to myself that truly made me shine.
Let’s get real. The gym could never do this for me. Fitness classes couldn’t do this for me, but dancing did.
If you’re willing to try something different for yourself, this might be a life changer.

“Every woman, regardless of age, size or position in life has a beautiful goddess in her core being. When she dances, that sexy, feline element starts rises to the surface! That’s what Feminicity is all about.” -Joany


and so much more!

 What people are saying about Joany & Feminicity

“Yes I have lost weight, yes I have tightened muscles, but more than that I walk taller, speak up louder, laugh more, and feel beautiful each and every time I dance.”

“Joany’s approach to body movement and dance is beautifully unique. It’s not about following her moves, but about finding the rhythm within. From this space and place of self love, body confidence, and freedom, women shift from dimming their light to lighting the world on fire.”

Lisa Steidman 

“What makes Joany unique is where other instructors fail. Joany exudes passion, charisma, and enthusiastic energy that motivates and super-charges her audience. Many belly dancers know the moves, but it is how you present those moves that creates that special connection between instructor and fitness dance enthusiast; this is where Joany excels.”

Brian D. Johnston
Director of Education & President
I.A.R.T. Exercise Certification Institute

” Early last fall, I noticed that my aunt had lost a lot of weight. When I asked her how she did it, I was stunned to hear that she was attending belly-dancing classes with Joany. She went on to explain that the dance was a lot of fun and did wonders not only for her weight problem but also for her overall wellbeing. Wanting to lose weight myself since my husband and I were trying to conceive for the past year, I signed up for the next session. I wondered if it would work: I had tried so many programs and gyms, but nothing worked. I could not lose any weight. I started dancing in early November. By the end of December, I had lost 15 pounds. By the end of January, I found out that I was pregnant. I feel fantastic! Not only do I look great, but my self-esteem has improved. Thank you, Joany, for helping me reach a few of my goals.”

Mélanie St.Amour Moon

” Hello Joany!
I wanted to let you know that you are causing a major buzz in this area! Everyone is talking about your workshop and how incredible you are!
The comments on the evaluations were also excellent: “it was perfect!”, “extremely well done”, “fun and no pressure”, “it was all GOOD!”, “wonderful support of the instructor with the group”.
They love you!
People started calling me first thing this week to ask about next session. I am so pleased with the whole experience.
I myself feel the same way about your workshop. You are an excellent instructor! Not only do you know your stuff and break it down so that everyone understands, but you are also very supportive to everyone, even in such a large group!
I just wanted to let you know all this positive stuff! Bonne journée!!!” 

Kellie Broderick
Programs Assistant, Northern College
Apprenticeship, Workforce Development & Training

“My name is Tony Rausseo. I am a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor. I am quite happy to have met Joany Gauvreau. I’ve known Joany since 2003. Miss Gauvreau teaches Belly Dancing. After working with her for a good while, I can simply say that she is definitely a source of inspiration as well as great promoter of health, well-being and entertainment for hundreds of people, especially women concerned about their bodies and their general appearance. I have a high regard for her abilities and her motivational skills. As a professional belly dance instructor, she is inspiring, neat, accurate, passionate and very professional. Her character and personality are commendable. After watching her work with her students, I have noticed that she has always displayed the ability to learn and adapt to any situation quickly, the desire to do a first-rate quality job, and a willingness to put in as much time as needed to see the students learn this beautiful form of art. Needless to say, she is a winner in my book. If anyone ever wishes to take a belly dance class, I would suggest visiting her class. 
Bravo Joany! “

Tony Rausseo

“When I started to plan in bringing Joany up to Kirkland Lake to offer “The Art of Belly Dancing” workshops, little did I know I was starting a craze! In no time we had two levels going and due to the interest, we have expanded by offering the workshops in two other communities in the Temiskaming area. Comments from students’ evaluations ranges from “Belly Dancing is like doing exercise but not knowing it, since Joany makes it so much fun”, to “Since I have started to Belly Dance with Joany, I find that I have improved my physical and neurological functions. I can do things I wasn’t able to do physically and I have a better self-image of myself” and furthermore “I did not realize how much I hid away my feminine side. I feel I have found a part of myself I hadn’t seen in a while”. All in all, we are very proud in having Joany part of our team of professional trainers and are looking forward in offering more of these workshops in the future.”

Rose-Lyne D’Aoust-Messier
Training Consultant / Consultante En Formation
Northern College

Parties & Bookings

Bachelorette, Birthday, Wedding, or Corporate Event

Hold your next girl’s night or couples dance party at Feminicity. We offer dance parties at our studio location OR we can bring the dance party to you. Whether it’s a Bachelorette, Birthday, Wedding, or corporate event just email us the details (date, time preference, type of party, # of people, length of party and what you are looking for) and we’ll respond with an estimate. 

Need-to-know party information:

Typical requests are for a 1 hour private class with Instructor. 

You can also call 705-478-7994 to inquire.
We’ll teach your group some fun dance moves in any of the following genres and get your party moving!

  • Bellydance
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Salsa Party
  • Bollywood Fusion
  • Burlesque
  • Arabic Drumming

Your party will have a private instructor, full use of the entire studio and props provided where needed.


Prices start at $200 for a 1 hour private partyA minimum non-refundable deposit of $100 is required the time of booking your event.

We are happy to customize your party to suit your needs.
For parties held at your home/location a travel fee may apply if you are over 30 kms from the studio.

Need-to-know performance information:


Our performance rates are provided below. Please review them and email us specifics for your show requirements (Date/Time/Location/Length of performance/Number of dancers/Number of sets/Purpose of Event/Nationality of guests) along with any other pertinent details. We will respond to your request right away. Alternatively you can call us at 705-478-7994 with details. (Maybe add video me performing)
Contact us for details on single or multiple performances in one evening.

FAQs for performance bookings:

What kind of music will be used? Arabic Music. Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese style, etc. We can accommodate music selection to your audience.

How soon do I need to book a dancer and/or the band?
We suggest you reserve your entertainment sooner than later in order to secure your dancers and/or live musicians for the event. Last minute bookings are no problem as long as we’re available. Christmas, New Year’s and Summer are all busy times for parties and weddings! It’s best to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.​

What can I expect from the belly dance performance?
Expect a professional energetic performance! Our performers will enhance and embellish your event while illustrating the beauty, mystery, and vibrancy of Arabic music and dance. Performers create each Show to meet the needs of the client’s theme and to provide the best experience possible for all guests. ​

How much room/space does the belly dancer require to perform?
The dancer or dancers require plenty of room to perform plus a cleared path for entering and exiting from the dance floor. The dance floor surface must be suitable for dancing barefoot. A minimum of 12′ x 12′ cleared area is required. The belly dancer’s entrance should be one of surprise and mystique. Please ensure her pathway to enter to the dance floor area or stage is cleared of furniture, chairs and people so she can make as dynamic an entrance as possible.​

Inquire on a performance booking


North Bay and surrounding prices start at $200. An additional $50 applies per 30 minutes of extra travel.
Joany of Feminicity (20 minutes)
North Bay and Surroundings: $200
Joany with Live Drummer in North Bay/Surroundings – $300
Joany with 1 Dancer North Bay/Surroundings – $300
Joany with 2 Dancers North Bay/Surroundings – $400
Payment: A 50% non refundable deposit is required to book a dancer. The balance is payable the night of the event you can pay cash or you can pay prior with debit or credit card.
Frequently Asked Questions About Bellydance Entertainment
Will the dancer bring her own music or do I need a band?
The dancer will provide music for her set on Ipod, USB stick or CD (you advise) with a compilation of music. If there is a live band the dancer can perform to that with notice in order to prepare and discuss with band. We require a top quality sound system – we will not perform to a boom box!

What type of sound system is required?
We will perform only to a high quality sound system and will not perform to a boom box. The sound quality should be excellent and the volume loud enough to drown out conversation. We will provide our own music on CD or with Ipod if you have Ipod capabilities. If you are using a DJ, have the DJ speak with the bellydancer or her assistant as soon as she arrives to obtain the CD and will arrange with you for her entrance requirements. Please ensure the volume is loud enough to command attention and drown out conversation.​
What type of event is most suitable for a belly dance show? A traditional Belly dancers add a special flair for birthdays, engagement parties, weddings of course, anniversary parties, Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate functions and conventions, community festivals, Arabic themed parties, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, family celebrations etc. Please note we do not perform at bachelor parties under any circumstances.
When will she arrive at the event?
The belly dancer will arrive 15 minutes prior to showtime. Please do not delay her show as she may have other engagements to get to that evening. Also by having her wait, will only decrease her energy level from having to wait around in costume. We allow for a 15 minute delay but beyond that we must charge $100 for every 1/2 hour we are kept waiting beyond the scheduled performance time.If you are unable to designate a specific time for the show, you can book the dancer for a flat rate of $500 which will include a performance and 1.5 hours of flex time.

How do I pay for the bellydancer?
A non refundable deposit is required to hold a booking prior to the event. The balance is payable by cash the day of the event. If you would prefer to pay with debit or credit card you can do so at the studio. Prices are listed above and do not include additional travel expenses or add-ons if required. Please add 13% HST to price. ​ goes here

Shows + Events

Perform with us!

Feminicity is know for holding annual Cabaret shows in the North Bay area along with other small showings and events. Joany allows her students performance opportunities in as little as 6 weeks after taking their first class!

Watch us perform!

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Feminicity is now a mobile dance studio! 

Offering workshops and performances in different locations, locally and globally.






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